Financing Rejected Fundlend Finance? 3 Ways to Make a Loan

Financing rejected Fundlend Finance? Find out how to get another loan easily, quickly, safely. Don’t quench your enthusiasm, give shape to your projects. The car, a holiday, the wedding or the care of your teeth? The time has come for a gift.

If you want to know in detail our solutions you just need a few simple actions. Fill out the form on our site now, enter the few required data, send us the contacted. From now on we will do everything! We will call you within minutes to analyze together with you which is the best solution to your needs. Once the best offer has been identified, the next step will be to arrange an appointment directly at your home with one of our consultants.

Do you have a question? Write a comment to this article, we will reply immediately. Now let’s see in more detail why the loan was rejected by Fundlend Finance.


Financing rejected Fundlend Finance, main reasons

Financing rejected Fundlend Finance, main reasons

Why does Fundlend Finance decline a loan? The reasons why Fundlend Finance refuses a loan are often related to a client’s creditworthiness. There is no official list, the same applies to all lenders, which lists the conditions that determined the approval of a contract.

Loan refused Fundlend Finance

Financing declined for no reason? Here are the main reasons.

  • bad payer, when the customer pays overdue installments of a loan or credit card
  • protests of checks or bills
  • insufficient income (example for part time workers or minimum pensions)
  • type of occupation (temporary, newly hired, newly established VAT number, etc.)
  • too indebted, when the customer has many ongoing commitments
  • has recently obtained another loan (8/10 months have not passed since the last loan disbursement )
  • in the same period of time (30 days), he made several requests to different financial companies
  • never made loans (not registered in the database)
  • is the guarantor of another loan paid late

These are generally only the main sources that determine the refusal of funding. Let’s see how to proceed in these cases.


Fundlend Finance loan refused, what to do?

Fundlend Finance loan refused, what to do?

Did Fundlend Finance refuse me funding? What can I do? Why is it not accepted ? This is the first question you ask yourself when the advanced funding request is not accepted. First we should understand the origins of this refusal, because the funding has been refused.

Once the origin has been identified, a strategy must be activated, thanks to which, in a simple way, you can get the money you need. There are solutions, but it is not always obvious to reach the goal. The first thing to do is not to rely on subjects that guarantee certain results in exchange for advance payments of money.

The trend of subjects that via the Internet, mail, social networks, Facebook, and the attention of potential customers interested in obtaining money is increasingly frequent. Simulated the first phase of the investigation, they guarantee the customer that the transaction has been approved, but before disbursing the money, the latter must pay a sum of money.

In most cases the loan will never be disbursed and the customer will find himself even more in difficulty.

Therefore, if you intend to re-evaluate a new loan application you can:

  • wait at least 30 days from the date of the last refusal, then submit a new request to another financial company. This time is essential to obtain the cancellation of the previous request in the credit databases (such as Crif)
  • immediately rely on a credit brokerage company, as in our case

Let’s see below the advantages of a credit broker.


Financing rejected Fundlend Finance, why rely on Globalfin?

Financing rejected Fundlend Finance, why rely on Globalfin?

We are a credit brokerage firm regularly registered in the OAM register n M359. We have been operating for 15 years in the sector of credit to families for personal loans, assignment of the fifth and home loan.

Taking advantage of numerous agreements with the main Italian credit institutions, we are able to offer the customer various opportunities. Therefore, keeping a single interlocutor, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of solutions, managing everything from the comfort of your home.

After submitting the contact request, which will not be reported to the credit databases, we will contact you within a few minutes. Once you have verified the real possibility of obtaining the loan, evaluated our conditions, you will arrange an appointment directly at home.

We are present throughout the national territory, so that you live in Naples, Rome, Verona, Belluno, Milan, Reggio Emilia, Florence, Turin, Alessandria, Modena or Palermo, we have a collaborator ready to follow you, from the request to the delivery of the your new financing.

How much is it? Nothing! There are no advance expenses, nor costs to close the loan. The service is totally free.

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