How to access a loan with immediate bills of exchange

The loan with promissory notes or loan with promissory notes is no longer to be understood as it used to be, since that with repayment by installments by means of promises no longer exists today. In fact, it would be more correct to say that it is no longer a product offered by finance and banks, however there is a similar solution that governs the promissory notes.

For those looking for an urgent loan, it is important to know that the solution currently in place provides for the repayment of the loan via bank RID, guaranteed by a currency effect.

In fact, a loan with a promissory note is nothing more than a personal loan that is repaid monthly via a bill of exchange. The bills of exchange are issued in the form of promissory notes with a stamp and bind the debtor to the payment of the same with exact due dates, month after month.

We would like to remind you that, since these are executive securities, a lack of payments at the due date legitimizes the creditor to request immediate fulfillment, otherwise to continue with foreclosures and sales of the assets to the debtor.


How to get a loan with bills

How to get a loan with bills

Public and state employees and freelancers registered in the register can access this mode of fast credit with promissory notes assuming that their creditworthiness is impeccable, or that they are present within the banks credit dates as good payers.

In the presence of reports as a bad payer or of protests, the debit on a current account guaranteed by a bill of exchange cannot be granted. The alternative, faced with this situation, is a delegated loan: a loan granted only to employees of private companies, with repayment of the installments by withholding on the salary paycheck, without any guarantee effect.

In summary, if you need a loan that has been changed, Globalfund offers you the following solutions:

  • Loan with promissory note : it is granted to civil servants, state employees and freelancers belonging to a register, only if regular in the database and in the absence of protests. The maximum amount granted is $ 30,000 with a maximum amortization plan of 72 months and repayment via RID. It is therefore not possible to make loans promoted!
  • Delegation loan : as there are no promised loans to bad payers, the alternative of the delegation loan comes to the rescue. Offered to private employees, specifically spa, srl, snc, sas, sole proprietorships and cooperatives, the proxy loan provides for reimbursement by charging on a paycheck. Discover

The liquidity will be proportional to the accrued severance indemnity, with a 1: 2 ratio where, for example, if the accumulated severance indemnity amounts to $ 5000, the maximum allowable amount will be precisely $ 10,000. The maximum number of installments for extinction is 72 and no promissory note is required.


Where can I apply for a promised loan?

Where can I apply for a promised loan?

There are several banks that provide loans with exchanges. Knowing who makes loans with bills of exchange, it is quite simple by browsing online since it is possible to find the list of financials for loans promoted. In recent years, however, it has become increasingly difficult to access the financials that provide loans with exchanges.

However, it is good to know that, in addition to a copy of the tax code and identity document, the TFR and the last paycheck, if you are an employee, must be attached to the loan application. Otherwise, in case you are unemployed or you do not offer sufficient guarantees to the financial companies that make loans with exchanges, the signature of a guarantor is required.

In special cases, any life insurance is also required. Furthermore, the introduction of the compulsory presentation of the CUD model for employees and the Single model for freelancers is quite recent.

The main banks operating in the financial sector are among those who provide loans with exchanges. If you have had the opportunity to compare various quotes, analyzing for the changeable loans and you have not been able to find the most suitable solution for you, contact us!


Many banks offer the loan changed

bank loan

however it is not easy to understand which is the best solution for everyone. If you have already applied for a Compass loan and have not received a positive response, you can refer to us. In the same way, if you don’t know if Unicredit grants exchanged loans and you are afraid of a negative feedback, you can contact us without obligation!

You can receive all information on loans with bills online, by requesting a free consultation from Globalfund. It’s really simple, just fill in the form you find at the end of the article.


Purchase car with bills

car loan

If you need a loan to buy your new car or your new motorbike and you have had difficulty obtaining financing from your bank, contact us immediately.

Auto buying and selling is something that is experiencing a growing boom especially online. Several portals now allow you to select the brand, model, power supply, power and year of registration and refer to the local dealerships. Some car dealers accept bills of exchange, however much also depends on the financials or agreements in place with the banks.

The purchase of the car through financing varies from seller to seller, therefore not in all cases the customer has the possibility of buying cars in bills. It is possible that by requesting the concessionaire directly, the loan has a positive outcome and the financial company will disburse the sum requested directly in favor of the seller.

The only concern, in this case, will be to regularly pay the installments agreed with the company. However, if the sale were to take place between private individuals, those who intend to buy the car cannot apply for financing except from their own bank. Are you wondering if your GoodPocket Bank grants loans changed? If you are not sure, contact us. Our finance company can also grant the loan you need.


Loan is refused by your bank

Loan is refused by your bank

you will not be able to purchase the car you want. However, this is possible, or the loan with delegation: some car companies sometimes explicitly request the sale of cars with bills.

In this perspective, financial companies willing to finance the purchase of a car through a loan with bills are rare. The most used solutions are usually the transfer of the fifth and the delegation of payment, provided that they respect the minimum requirements for funding.

Obviously, taking on the responsibility of financing through a promised loan is something increasingly rare, for this reason the credit companies willing to grant it are rare. In this we obviously come to your rescue, since in addition to granting it – if the requirements described above are respected – we provide you with free advice and direct you to the solution that best suits your need.

Don’t wait any longer, fill in the form immediately. You will be contacted by one of our expert consultants who will analyze the situation with you and illustrate all the possibilities you have available with dedication and transparency.

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